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Gourmet Organic
 Micro-roasted European-style Coffees
Hinged Box of Coffee
Box of 6 Organic Fair Trade Coffee Sachets 
Covered Tin with 16
Gourmet Organic Coffee Sachets
Perfect for for the person on the go! Fits nicely into your backpack, tote bag or purse! Even fits into a pocket! Makes 6 cups of  Gourmet Fair Trade Organic  Coffee . Recycled paper box.
Treat yourself or someone special to 16 Wonderful cups of Gourmet  Fair Trade Organic Coffee !
​Reusable tin.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Each Micro-roasted European Coffee Sachet makes one cup of delightful gourmet coffee!
 Made with the finest Fair Trade Organic coffees from around the world! 
Designed exclusively for a single cup of brewed coffee!
 ~ Fill cup with boiling water, drop in coffee sachet, brew to desired strength & Enjoy!
"Happiness One Cup at a Time"
Fair Trade empowers Coffee & Tea Farming Families around the world to take care of themselves without developing dependency on foreign aid. Farming families of these coffees receive fair prices for their harvest which means reasonable wages, better health care and better schools for their children.
Sumatra Mandheling           Colombian
       Peruvian Decaf.                 Rain Forest        Mexican Altura   

* Sumatra Mandheling ~ This naturally processed Indonesian coffee grows in Sumatra and takes its Mandehling name from an ethnic group rather than a location. The most Full Bodied of all coffees, it delivers heavy syrupy body and very little acidity. A very creamy, winy taste with deep aroma. If you Love a coffee with body...this one is for you.     This is my personal favorite!

* Peruvian Decaf. ~ Mountain water processed beans are smooth and breezy on your palette. Buttery notes compliment a gentle robustness. Has a very pleasant aroma & Medium body.

* Colombian Supremo ~ Produces a heavy flavor & aroma coupled with a full body and acidity. Very smooth!

 * French Vanilla Almond ~ Smokey robust French Roast beans combined with gourmet Vanilla and Toasted  Almond extracts. A rich dark treat !

 * Chocolate Macadamia Nut ~ A sweet buttery taste of macadamia nuts from Kona and the sharp flavor of  Dutch Chocolate combined with a full bodied blend of Central & South American beans. An after dinner delight !

* Chocolate Almond Sunrise ~ This fine tasting brew combines beans from Central and South America, with the rich taste of gourmet chocolate, almonds and coconut to produce this special treat! 

* Mexican Altura ~ Medium bodied. Low in acidity with a pleasant finish that leaves a lingering  taste on the palate.

* Rainforest ~ A medium roast coffee that produces a very rich, fruity, well balanced aftertaste. 

                                             ~ Tea ~

​* Jasmine ~  The  worlds finest Jasmines from the China province of Fujian. This tea will produce a fragrance of a garden in bloom, with a taste that is lightly  sweet and very smooth.
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Fair Trade Organic Coffees & Teas
Coffee Selections
$ 4.95
$ 11.00
Coffee Selections
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These Coffee & Tea Sachets are more gentle in the environment ~ They are 100% compostable ~ So, you can enjoy your Fair Trade Organic Coffee in the knowledge that you are helping small coffee farmers and your own local environment too!

*Scroll towards the bottom of the page for detailed Coffee descriptions
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French Vanilla Almond          Chocolate Macadamia Nut                       Chocolate Almond Sunrise      Blissful Brew(coffee alternative)
" Woman Owned Small Business"
Hinged Box of Coffee
Box filled with 6
 Gourmet Organic Tea Sachets 
Covered Tin filled with 16
Gourmet Organic Tea Sachets
Treat yourself or someone special to 16 Wonderful cups of Gourmet  Fair Trade Organic Tea !
Reusable tin.

Perfect for for the person on the go! Fits nicely into your backpack, tote bag or purse! Even fits into a pocket! Makes 6 cups of  Gourmet Fair Trade Organic  Tea . Recycled paper box.
$ 4.95
$ 11.00
Gourmet Organic Fair Trade Tea
English Breakfast     Jasmine      Rooibos Chai      Green      White
Earl Grey     Peppermint     Hibiscus Heaven     Yerba Mate
Blackberry      Peach     Passion Fruit
~ Available in these 12 Fabulous Organic Fair Trade Tea's ~
Tea Selections
* English Breakfast ~ A blend of Chinese Black OP and Keemun Tea. This tea has a full bodied cup and robust flavor.

* Rooibos Chai Tea ~ Rooibos is only grown in a small area of the Western Cape province in South Africa. This tea has a sweet  and slightly nutty flavor and is reddish brown in color and is sometimes referred to as "red tea". 

* Green Tea ~ Made with high grade organic Chinese green tea naturally high in antioxidants.

* Shu Mee White ~ It brews a light red color and has a slightly sweet and delicate taste and delivers a mellow slightly nutty taste. It  has a higher level of polyphenols than green tea !

* Hibiscus Heaven ~ Tropical hibiscus and rose hips give this tea a high vitamin C content. Blended with citrus flavors of orange and lemon  it produces a deliciously  refreshing tropical  citrus tea that is great, both hot and iced 

* Earl Grey ~ An exceptionally rich  Ceylon black tea with a touch of  citrusy organic bergamot oil, creating a light refreshing taste. It can be served  hot, with or without milk & honey and is an excellent drink anytime of the day.

* Yerba Mate ~ It is a smooth full bodied herbal tea, also known as an energizer and rejuvenator.  Mate' provides 24 vitamins and minerals and 15 essential amino acids necessary for healthy muscle tissue. Half the caffeine as coffee. 

* Blackberry ~ Premium organic black tea flavored with sweet organic blackberry leaves and natural blackberry flavor. A smooth treat that is delicious both hot and cold.

*Peach ~ Combines a full bodied organic black tea with organic peach pieces, infused with the natural flavor of peach. This delicious combination is absolutely wonderful tea for preparing iced.

*Passion Fruit ~ This tea artfully combines an organic black tea with the pleasantly sweet and naturally tropical flavor of passion fruit with the bright, lively taste of marigold flowers. Makes a great iced tea.
Tea Selections