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Beef & Burger Rub
Pork Rub
Poultry Rub
Mediterranean Seafood Rub
 A hint of fennel & coriander in this 11 spice blend makes this a rub that is Great on steaks, ribs & Burgers! For burgers, simply mix 2 tsp. seasoning per pound of ground meat, then grill, pan fry or broil to perfection!
This is wonderful for Pork Roasts, Grilled Pork Ribs, Chops & Pulled Pork !  Filled with 12  flavorful spices including cumin, sage & thyme !
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
 Organic Grilling Rubs & Spice Blends 

These delicious, all natural Rubs & Spice Blends are made up of 
100% certified organic herbs & spices. No preservatives or MSG.  Gluten free.    

 Great for grilling, roasting, broiling or braising  your favorite meats, poultry, seafood and vegetables.  A variety of fantastic flavors to add that special touch to any food !

Fajita Rub
Jamaican Jerk Rub
A very versatile rub, great on anything from scallops to salmon.  A tasty mix of herbs with a hint of citrus, Mix with olive oil and rub onto tuna, shrimp, Salmon, Scallops & Lobster. 
A blend of rosemary, thyme, sage & basil along with 7 other herbs & spices make this rub great for turkey, chicken & turkey burgers. Toss a spoon full in to your next chicken salad or use it to season stuffing !
With the classic Jamaican combination of Ginger, Thyme and Allspice and the heat of Chili Flakes and Cayenne this Jerk rub will add some Caribbean zing to your next BBQ. This blend is salt free!
A Flavorful blend of herbs & spices !  Just rub into skirt steaks, chicken breasts, pork or any grilling meat for fajitas! This rub can also be used as a great taco seasoning! This blend is Salt Free!
$ 6.95
$ 6.95
$ 6.95
$ 6.95
$ 6.95
$ 6.95
Garlic & Herb Seasoning
Pizza Seasoning
Spice up any pizza with this perfect blend of 100% Organic herbs & spices including onion, oregano, fennel, basil, garlic, chili flakes, parsley & thyme. Add some to your pasta sauces too!
This blend is salt free!
$ 5.95
$ 5.95
Cajun Seasoning
Thai Seasoning
A  blend of  18  herbs and spices from  around the world, bring a balance of hot, sweet, sour & savory to all your favorite dishes! This blend is salt free!
Great for chicken, fish or steaks on the grill for that spicy kick! Use in your next batch of chili to win the cook-off!  Add to buttered popcorn to heat things up!
$ 5.95
$ 5.95
SALT FREE  Seasoning
 Burger  Seasoning
Sprinkle on chicken, turkey, pork, wild game, or beef. It's also delicious on hot buttered potatoes and vegetables. Makes a great addition to soups, stews  & gravies too ! All the flavor with NO salt!  
The savory combination of zesty garlic and herbs enhances chicken, pork, fish & vegetables! Toss warm veggies with a drizzle of olive oil and  a sprinkle of this seasoning for a wonderful  dish!  
 This blend is salt free!
$ 5.95
$ 5.95
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 A hint of fennel & coriander in this blend of 11 herbs & spices.   Simply sprinkle on burger patties or mix 2 tsp. seasoning  per pound of ground meat, then grill, pan fry or broil to perfection!  Mix it into your meatloaf recipe too!
" Woman Owned Small Business"
$ 11.00
Organic Seasonings Gift Set
Choose  any 2 Organic Seasoning  Jars  for each gift box ! Add your selections to the text box on the checkout page!

 Pizza ~ Beef & Burger ~ Cajun ~ Thai ~  Herbs de provence ~ Garam Masala
Garlic & Herb ~ Salt Free Blend ~ Tandoori ~ Curry ~ Cinnamon  ~ Garlic Pepper
PICK 2 Spice Blends
Pick 2 Seasonings
Mediterranean Lamb Rub
      A delicious blend of rosemary, lemon, sea salt , garlic, dill & other spices make this the perfect seasoning for any cut of lamb. Great for lamb chops, kabobs, grilled or roasted lamb!
$ 6.95
Herbs de Provence
The perfect balance of traditional garden herbs to add a
 delectable flavor to French cuisine, fish, meats & stews.  
  This blend is salt free!
$ 5.95
Garlic Pepper
Curry Powder
This blend kicks up the garlic flavor as an ideal compliment to chicken, steak, burgers, stir fry dishes, potatoes, pasta, fish, corn on the cob  This blend is salt free!
$ 5.95
$ 5.95
A curry with a wide range of rich flavors  that taste great in marinades, sauces, stews, vegetables, lamb, chicken & any Indian or Middle Eastern dishes  This blend is salt free!
Moroccan Tandoori
Garam Masala
An Indian blend with a little twist. Its infused spiciness gives it a bold flavor for chicken, fish, lamb, steaks, soups, casseroles, sauces, lentils, and delicate egg dishes too.  This blend is salt free!
A traditional blend of cardamom, cinnamon,  cloves and spices. Great in Indian dishes, pilafs, meat dishes, Onion based sauces. Also tasty on lamb, beef & chicken.   This blend is salt free!
$ 5.95
$ 5.95