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Organic Dip & Salsa Mixes
 A blend of 100% Certified Organic Herbs & Spices .
 No additives, preservatives or MSG.     Gluten Free.   Each package makes 1 cup  of delicious dip!
Just add  sour cream,  Greek yogurt or mayonnaise.  
 Instructions, serving suggestions & ingredients are on the back of each package.
Creamy Curry Dip Mix
Dill Dip Mix
Herb & Veggie Dip Mix
Hot & Spicy Mexican Dip Mix
Onion Dip Mix
Ranch Dip Mix
Smokey Bacon Dip Mix
Sweet Onion Dip Mix
Bacon & Garlic
Creamy Curry
Flat Out Garlic
Savory Herb
Hot & Spicy Mexican
Smoky Bacon
Sweet Onion
Salt Free Taco Seasoning
 Salt Free Fajita Seasoning
A nice smokey flavor with the zip of garlic! Great with crackers, chips bagels, sandwiches and on baked potatoes too! Gluten Free!
Perfect pairing  with fresh veggies, crackers or chips.  Great on a sandwich or wrap ! One of the all time favorites ! Gluten Free !
If you really love garlic then this is the dip for you! Great with crackers, chips & veggies ! Also tasty as a spread on sandwiches, burgers or wraps! Gluten Free !
A blend of organic herbs and spices that have that fresh picked taste! Great with veggies, chips or crackers ! Gluten Free !
 Spicy dip with a  hot Jalapeno kick. Great for your tortilla chips and crackers ! Add some zip to your tacos too!
 Gluten Free !
 A classic dip. Wonderful with fresh veggies, crackers & chips. Great on wraps & sandwiches too ! Gluten Free !
Bold smokey taste. Great on crackers and chips. Wonderful addition to baked potatoes & burgers too! Gluten Free!
 Our best seller ! A Super Sweet onion dip that leaves you wanting more! Great with chips, crackers & veggies.  Tasty on burgers & baked spuds too! Gluten Free !
A blend of Organic Cumin, Chili Powder, Garlic, Tomato, Onion, Oregano, Cilantro, Mustard, Paprika, & Cayenne sure to make your tacos or taco dip Delicious ! Very mild. Add your own hot sauce for more heat !
  Salt Free & Gluten Free !
A blend of Organic Black Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Cumin, Coriander, Lemon peel, Oregano, Parsley, & Cayenne! Great for chicken & beef fajitas ! Also use as a dry rub before grilling! Salt Free & Gluten Free !
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A full flavored dip with a mellow curry taste. Wonderful on chips, crackers & fresh veggies. Great mixed into rice too!
 Gluten Free !
$ 3.95
$ 3.95
$ 3.95
$ 3.95
$ 3.95
$ 3.95
$ 3.95
$ 3.95
$ 3.95
$ 3.95
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 A milder version of our Hot & Spicy Dip! Great with tortilla chips and crackers ! Also Great  in your layered taco dip recipes! Gluten Free !
Mild & Spicy Mexican
$ 3.95
" Woman Owned Small Business"
 Organic Fiery Salsa Tin
A Fiery blend of  100% Organic herbs & spices.  Make this Salsa  as flaming hot  or as mild as you like it ! Just add 1 Tablespoon mix to 1 can of diced tomatoes or 2 cups fresh diced tomatoes for a quick and easy fresh, delicious Salsa! If you like it hotter, just add more mix!
  Gluten Free !
$ 3.95
Onion Dip Mix
$ 3.95
Lemon Dill Aioli
Fresh bright taste. Great on flat pretzels, fresh veggies and chips. Tasty as an Aioli sauce on fish, vegetables, tuna salad,  wraps & sandwiches! Gluten Free!
New !

Onion Dip Mix
$ 6.50
A cool and creamy, party perfect spinach dip that can be enjoyed with  crackers, chips,  fresh veggies or served in a bread bowl  with fresh bread.  Gluten Free !
$ 3.95
 ~ Organic Fiery Salsa Mix ~
*Makes 5 batches of Salsa.