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Cilantro Lime
Lemon Flake
Madagascar Vanilla
Lemon Rosemary
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. 

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:
Great on chicken, fish, pasta, fresh tomatoes and also for rimming your margaritas too !
Devine on seafood, pasta, fresh fruits, desserts and for rimming your favorite drinks!
Yummy on brownies, chocolate chip cookies, fresh fruit, caramels and even on seared scallops !
 Super on roasted veggies, chicken, salmon, baked potatoes & even as a finishing touch on top of soups!
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
 Artisan Infused Sea Salts

  Hand crafted in small batches using 
100% certified organic herbs & spices infused with 
mineral packed natural crystals of sea salt.

 Amp up the flavor in your cooking and add a wonderful finishing touch to   baked goods and sweet treats while getting the health benefits of 
pure natural Sea Salt !

Himalayan Pink Cacao
Garlic Chive
Hawaiian Black Lemongrass Ginger
Himalayan Pink Lavender
Himalayan Pink 
Matcha Green Tea
Garden Blend
$ 11.50
$ 11.50
$ 11.50
$ 11.50
$ 11.50
$ 11.50
$ 11.50
$ 11.50
$ 11.50
$ 11.50
$ 11.50
$ 11.50
Use in sauces, gravies, on meat, seafood, chicken & veggies. Great on anything you would pair with Cabernet Wine !
Add a delightful crunch to a fresh goat cheese topped baguette! Offers a pleasantly surprising balance for your sweetest desserts!
Scrumptious on baked potatoes, chicken, rice, pasta, veggies. Use it as a seasoning before or after cooking!
 Tasty on chicken, pork , pasta, fish, shrimp and Asian cuisine.
Heavenly on hot cooked veggies, lamb, chicken, fish . Great on asparagus, new potatoes & soft boiled eggs!
Pink salt is the purest salt to be found on earth! Great for roasting chicken &  fish even pickling brine.  Use it in or on  anything as a pure flavor enhancer!
Mellow flavor for tempura, tofu, fried foods, Asian cuisine, white fish & veggies!
Flavorful on your turkey, chicken, pulled pork, roasted veggies, soups & stews!
Lemongrass Ginger
Hawaiian Red  Alaea Seranno 
Prized for its unique color and earthy taste, Great on pork, seafood, poke, & vegetables with a little kick.
 Tasty on chicken, pork , pasta, fish & shrimp and Asian cuisine.
$ 11.50
$ 11.50